A season of business dinners at Pacific Spoon Restaurant is opened!

  • 11.11.2015
It’s no longer possible to surprise anyone with seasonal offers and standard dishes from the restaurant menu. So is there a gastronomic offer in the city which has no analogue?

If you want to finish your day in the company of colleagues, business partners out of the office, or have a dinner with friends, spending minimum time and getting maximum pleasure, you are welcome to business dinners at Pacific Spoon Restaurant!

Business dinner is a unique offer which, given all the features, may be considered perfect:
  • unlimited number of dishes of the buffet line: salad bar, a wide range of cold starters, main courses to your choice;
  • restaurant’s location in the very center of Kharkiv which allows an easy access from any spot of the city;
  • convenient times: Mon-Fri, 5 P.M. to 8 P.M.;
  • the price also includes: herbal, berry and citrus tea, complimentary alcohol;
  • price: 250 UAH per person
Do you value your time, the quality of cooked meals and service? Then a business dinner is intended exactly for you.

A season of business dinners at Pacific Spoon Restaurant is opened.
Don’t miss it!

Pacific Spoon Restaurant , 2nd floor
Additional information and table booking by tel.: +38057 766 44 22

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