Tea Ceremony High Tea

  • 28.01.2016
An exquisite offer from the Amadeus Viennese Café – the tea ceremony “High Tea” - will perfectly complement your evening. The history of this genuinely aristocratic tradition started in the far eighteenth century and today Premier Palace Hotel Kharkiv has the honor to continue it deservedly. We invite you to enjoy exclusive desserts and homemade pastries while a well-brewed aromatic tea will provide a tonic effect, making a perfect accompaniment to the "early dinner". A three-tier stand with original desserts and delicious tartlets will satisfy even the most discerning guests - who can ever resist such an extravaganza of flavors?
The High Tea tea ceremony at the Amadeus Viennese Café will be a suitable supplement for a business meeting or corporate event, and, of course, High Tea is an elegant solution for a romantic dinner.

The High Tea set includes: Brewed tea to choose from black, green, herbal, berry - 400 ml. Three-tier stand with desserts and mini cakes: cheesecake - brownie (with milk chocolate and mascarpone), tartlet with cream and strawberries, napoleon, honey pie. Total weight of the cakes - 480 g. Mini cakes: 2 with salmon and mushrooms, 4 with bacon and mushrooms. Total weight of the cakes — 170 g.

Price: 150.00 UAH
The offer is open daily, 13:00 to 18:00
Amadeus Viennese Café, 1st floor Premier Palace Hotel Kharkiv
For additional information and table reservation call at: +38057 766 45 34