Long-awaited Thursday at Sky Lounge Restaurant!

  • 15.09.2016
They can be so different: emotionally rich and simply romantic, classics and hits, using different languages or different dialects. They evoke different associations and feelings in everyone. For example, at Sky Lounge Restaurant, they are associated with long-awaited everyday magic.

We are talking about the songs which you can sing every Thursday at our karaoke party, and what came to your mind?

September 22, welcome to Sky Lounge Restaurant for a karaoke party with the participation of our special guest Vladimir Karafetov.

Workdays may be much anticipated if the reason for your looking forward is a karaoke party at Sky Lounge Restaurant!

Start at 10 P.M.
Free entrance, gratis songs!

Sky Lounge Restaurant , 11th floor
Table booking by tel.: +38057 766 45 32