Lobby bar

Lobby bar hides in a grand shiny atrium of the hotel. Luxurious interior, comfortable chairs, first-class service - all this together creates the perfect atmosphere for business or private meetings, emphasizing your status and respect to your guests.

Lobby bar menu offers:

  • dainty hot and cold snacks
  • sandwiches and salads for lovers of meat and vegetarians
  • dessert menu where you can choose both a light Yoghurt Cake and substantial classic French Opera dessert
  • Special breakfast menu served from 04:00 to 12:00
  • Vintage alcoholic drinks from around the world
  • Novel hot coffee drinks Gingerbreed Gourmet Mocha, Latte Macaroon, Italian Lattechino, etc.;
  • Classic alcoholic cocktails Bellini, Daiquiri, Dolce & Gabbana, as well as cocktails with the author's flavor: Zombies, KGB, Harvey Volbenger and others
  • Light, refreshing and simply unusual cocktails: Freshness with watermelon syrup and lime fresh, Mango Spicy with exotic mango syrup, and Coconut Biscuits milkshake mixed with chocolate cookies

Lobby bar of Palace Premier Hotel  Kharkiv is open around the clock! Start your day with an invigorating Americano or a cup of flavoured tea. For lunch, you will be served snacks which can be a worthy substitute to a business lunch. In the evening we offer you to relax in a comfortable chair with a glass of your favourite drink.

Location: ground floor 

For more information call: +38 (057) 766 44 06