The Spa Center at the Premier Palace Hotel Kharkiv no doubt will offer you numerous opportunities for recreation and relaxation.
Among them - a collection of massages, which help to achieve harmony and satisfaction:

Relaxing massage
A special relaxing massage, which allows you not only relax, but also, be focused and ready to attend important meetings, sports competitions, or make difficult decisions.

Complete classical massage
One of the most popular types of massage, which gives confidence in your strengths, increases your stamina, and improves mood.

Sporting massage
Intensive massage, an irreplaceable before-sports-training or after exercise. Alleviates pain in the muscles and strengthens them, speeds up the healing process, and lowers fatigue.

Lymphodrainage massage
One of the most natural and effective ways of recovery. This procedure provides a more uniform distribution of liquid in the body, transforms the body contours, and gives a sense of vivacity and lightness.

Stone therapy
Relaxing massage using warm or hot stones. This ritual will help eliminate tension and stress, neutralize negative energy, help you gain a sense of harmony, peace, and balance with the environment.

Back and neck massage
Relieves fatigue after a long journey or a busy working day and it allows you to get reenergized for new accomplishments.

Foot massage
A unique, relaxing procedure that not only relieves tired feet, but will tone the muscles of the body. And the reason for that – in the feet are a huge set of reflex points which are responsible for the condition of the body as a whole.