Music month with Vaja Tugushi and his instrumental band “Old bulvar”!

  • 18.05.2016
This year we have decided to surprise you in every way: with cuisine, original theme of the new season and, of course, rememberable music.

Only May 14 to June 05*, Vaja Tugushi and his instrumental band “Old bulvar” from Georgia will perform for you, bringing you a true Georgian flavor and a charge of explosive emotions.

Order a dish to your taste from the special Georgian menu** from Vyacheslav Moskvin and enjoy the wonderful music of the famous band and the beautiful view stretching from the cozy The Terrace Grill Restaurant.

The Terrace Grill Restaurant: the new season in the new format!

Start at 7 P.M.
Free entrance

Don’t miss!

*Wednesday to Sunday inclusive
**ask your waiter about Georgian dishes and their features

The Terrace Grill Restaurant , 4th floor
Additional information and table booking by tel.: +38057 766 49 19