Looking for a perfect match

  • 19.08.2015

What does the phrase “perfect match” imply for you when talking about culinary art? No doubt, everybody would be having different associations. Creating something new, cooking something nobody has ever tried and everybody would enjoy is the ultimate goal of any Chef.

Exactly inspiration and the wish to cook something special for all meat lovers led The Terrace Grill Restaurant’s Chef to creating his new special. Vyacheslav Moskvin cooks this dish only on special days* and you don’t have to be surprised about that because it’s all about one important detail. In order to cook this dish, the Chef personally chooses the right meat.

Most delicate veal filet mignon grilled with a flower honey sauce joined in a duet with red wine – this is the result we received in search of the best offer for you.

Chef Offer includes:

  • Veal Tenderloin Chateaubriand - 410/30 g;
  • Wine Prince Troubetzkoy, Cabernet - 0.75 l.

Cost: 500 UAH

* Please ask your waiter about the availability of the offer on the date of your choice.

The Terrace Grill Restaurant, 4th floor
Additional information and table booking by phone: +38057 766 49 19

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