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  • 07.04.2015

An out-of-town estate, a magnificent garden and a long way leading to a huge door of a luxurious palace. You hardly knock – and the door opens. He is standing there, polite and hospitable, and invites you to come in in a soft and gentle manner.

These are the associations which arise when you hear the phrase “personal butler”. They are hardly applicable to a modern butler, but one important characteristic still remains – he will shield you from unnecessary troubles and worries.

He is always ready to help, calm, clever, well-educated, and in some situations he can even offer creative solutions. A personal butler is a professional assistant 24/7 who is prepared to help you in any situation – be it paperwork required for checking into the hotel or a romantic dinner on the roof of one of the highest buildings in the city.

Having such a person around is truly invaluable, because he can do so many things:

  • the butler will meet you at the airport or the railway station and deal with the paperwork required for checking in (the express check-in service);
  • he will unpack and pack your things or take them to the laundry if needed;
  • each morning, if you wish, the butler will wake you up and bring your breakfast with juice and coffee to your room;
  •  if you want a welcome for yourself or your guests that would conform to the best traditions of the Slavic hospitality,
  • with an orchestra or bread and salt, he will arrange this for you;
  • thinking of having an unforgettable dinner under the stars? In winter, if the weather is bad, he will arrange for you a private visit to the planetarium and a dinner there. If the weather permits this, with his assistance you will have a chance to have dinner on the roof of one of the highest buildings in the city;
  • do you wish to ride a hot air balloon? He can arrange this, too;
  • do you like playing chess? He can keep you company;
  • taking into account your tastes and preferences, the butler will recommend you places to visit and will work as your guide, he will book tickets to cultural functions or arrange your leisure or shopping;
  • he will get you tickets to functions even if there seem to be no tickets available, or will book airplane or train tickets; he will bring you your bills in advance and arrange your checking out of the hotel (the check-out service) without leaving your room.

The butler performs the functions of your personal assistant and is a connecting link between you and all the hotel services. You do not need to make any calls from your room, go anywhere or wait for anything – you only need to contact your butler and he will do everything for you.

In Kharkiv, this service is available for anyone at the Premier Palace Hotel Kharkiv. All you need is to become the guest of the hotel and make an advance reservation. Your personal butler will do the rest.

The price of the personal butler’s services is 800 UAH per day*

At the Premier Palace Hotel  Kharkiv you will truly understand what the phrase “everything and more” means!

*for guests staying in the Presidential Appartments, services of a personal butler are free

For additional information call +38 (057) 766 44 00

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