Івана Купала в ресторані Sky Lounge!

  • 27.06.2018
The night from July 6 to 7 is one of the most enigmatic and mysterious nights. They say, that at the nightfall, fire and grass acquire particular power and miracles occur. Ladies try to tell fortunes and find out who is destined to be their darling, they make wreaths and expect something wonderful from the shortest night of a year. 

July 6, we invite you to Sky Lounge Restaurant where a grand party on occasion of Kupala Night will be held. You don’t need to make a distant trip – it will take you several minutes to get to the jolliest party of this summer where you are not only allowed, but you need to have fun, sing and dance! 

Headliners of the evening are HeartBeat Brass Band – a young and bright band consisting of the winds exclusively. 

A wreath-making workshop will be offered to girls. 

Start at 08:00 PM
Free admission! 

Sky Lounge Restaurant, 11th floor
Booking: 0800 30 30 60