Fasting Menu at the Premier Palace Hotel Kharkiv Restaurants

  • 11.03.2019

For all who follow the Easter fasting, we have prepared a special menu. So that your fasting was as pleasant as possible, it was not a tough test, but with pleasure, in each of our restaurants, we prepare delicious fasting dishes.

At The Terrace, à la carte menu:

  • salad with pickled cucumbers and sesame oil;
  • Vvegetable soup with red beans;
  • babaganush with artichokes and date fruit honey;
  • baked eggplant with tofu cheese and fermented carrots;
  • beet RahatLokum (the Turkish delight).

Taste at Sky Lounge:

  • microgreen salad with tofu cheese and Asian dressing;
  • roll with hummus and vegetable tartar;
  • lean miso soup;
  • tofu steak on aldente vegetables with tomato sauce;
  • beet Turkish delight.

To the breakfasts at Pacific Spoon included:

  • vegetable ragout;
  • lentil patties;
  • carrot cake;
  • beet Turkish delight;
  • quinoa with green peas;
  • croquettes with mushrooms;
  • coconut pannacotta;
  • fruit strudel.

Fasten menu is valid until April 27, 2019.